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"Every once in a while, you encounter someone driven by a true mission and vision for their life. That is the story with Connie Zimmerman and Colorado Homeless Families."

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First Place Christian Living

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​"The palpable tension doesn't let up in this character-driven story." -

Donovan Literary Services: “Christian fiction collectors looking for literary novels will find Elsie Finch replete with thought-provoking moments It's the book club group that will find The Fearless Moral Inventory of Elsie Finch of special interest, certain to spark a variety of soul-searching conversations about faith, family, and the evolution of both.”

BookLife Prize: “Alluring and convincing, this multigenerational work has an unusual premise and there's a grandness to the scope. The novel offers an intimate exploration of relationship dynamics and emotional conflicts. . . An epic accomplishment.”

"I was obsessed with this book from the prologue. Elsie Finch is riveting and fascinating.  Coming from a broken home, Elsie was looking for information regarding the family’s history, and her mother Gail was happy to provide all the details that Elsie needed. However, the work of a peacemaker is not easy.  I wanted Elsie to figure things out and form lasting relationships with her sisters.  The narrative was soothing, the timeline was perfect, and the pace was remarkable. I loved how resilient Elsie was and how hard she worked! I highly recommend this novel!" -Rabia Tanveer for Readers' Favorite Awards

1st Place Medal Recipient, 2022
Young Adult Books!

Readers' Favorites
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Be Creative as God is CREATIVE.
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Remarkable Children's
Books we LOVE!

In the tradition of Shel Silverstein and Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
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(Ages 4-10)
The Wonder of Heaven
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Introducing to children
(second grade language arts)

Introducing AUSTRALIA
*Aussie lingo
*Sympathy and Viewpoint
*Adventure in the Outback
*Search and Find words
(second-fourth grade)

A Journey to Faith can be Otherworldly! (ages 8-12) a Trilogy

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A Perfect Tree child's story, one in English and one in Thai
Does God hear a Child's first prayer? Even When She's Angry?
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Head Start Bible Studies

Incredible Bible Studies for You
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Journaling life
 A Bible Study for Creative Individuals!
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Newly completed - all 150 Psalms for singing.

Large Print Advent and Christmas psalms and  NEW! large print 5 x 8 handbooks for singing the psalms
Caroling Through the Psalms, Larkins, Capture Books
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9781951084516 -9781951084509frontCoverKi

a 15-Week  Teacher's Syllabus

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Speak Wonder
to Children


+Coffee Table Books

+Parables & Myths

+Activity Books

       and other fun gifts.

of all ages.


an American Gothic Tale

Everything seems twisted when a community preacher connives with evil to trade a farmer's young daughters in marriage for financial gain.


Not all is lost when a brother, an aunt, a doctor and a sheriff decide to play a little game of poker on sacred ground. There, a handful of true believers work smartly to correct the scandals brought to light in the ailing town.


Cleverly suspenseful and sweetly spoken, the storyteller's unassuming voice creates an Appalachian trail of love to separate innocence from a stalking evil. Emerald Ashby grows strong despite grievous wrongs committed against her.

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Winter Whispers Ebook For Promo.jpg
Winter Whispers Ebook For Promo.jpg
Winter Whispers Ebook For Promo.jpg
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A Fabulous Resource of 52 Studies in Christian Living

ISBN: 13: 9780997897630


Page Count: 118



Get 4 copies for your group here. $55.00


—Christie Ward, CSP, The Impact Institute

Start Your Legacy Maker today! $32

Take the daily step challenge.

Find God in your past and tune your your heart to walk with Him into your future.

365 pages with a dedication page for discipleship or leaving a legacy.

6.5 x 6.5 square

Spine Width: 0.77710  in

Weight: 0.868  lbs

Carton Qty: 22

ISBN 13: 9780997162585

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