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ISBN 13: 978-1=732753-655 hard cover

ISBN 13: 978-1-732753-662 paperback

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Let this book bring you to the song of expectant songbirds over nested eggs, the tips of tenacious crocuses bursting in mystery through encrusted snow, the burgeoning lilac peeping beneath winter shawls...

these are the reminders that dawn comes earlier and earlier, that worms are fertilizing and tilling our earth, that there will indeed be life from death!

Hold on to your sun hat as Kathy Joy takes you on a journey in her first book Breath of Joy: Simply Summer!


After Kathy was suddenly widowed, she learned to cope by finding three beautiful images every day to savor. And thus this book was born. Filled with image after image, mostly in sets of three, Kathy brings poetry to life through her words and pictures. A wonderful coffee table type book just for the pictures, but combined with poetic language it is a book for every room and everyone you know. Perfect for all ages, from the pre-reader child to the retired adult.




Image driven...


Breath of Joy! Simply Summer

By Kathy Joy

jx an enduring BEST SELLER.

ISBN: 9780997897685 (case laminate full color gift book) $14.99

40 pages


ISBN:  978-0-9996353-1-5

Kindle ASIN: B075M4JCBT

$4.99 USD

New 2018



There is nothing like crisp autumn air to make you feel alive again.

In the cycles of earth, glory rises and falls in the breeze.

Let all things autumn slip under your skin in the rakishness of dying blooms.


A harvest time souvenir, Ah, Autumn is a deep breath of colorful joy.


Inhale the pages for Thanksgiving. Exhale brisk, musky memories and yearnings.

ISBN-13: 978-0999635377 hard cover
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Need a
Kathy's bio here

"Wow! I read the description of Kathy Joy’s book, Breath of Joy! Simply Summer and was intrigued by the fact that she used three images of beauty a day to help herself overcome the grief and trauma of her husband’s sudden death."



"I cried when I read Breath of Joy! The words and pictures were so beautiful."



"I found myself taking time to focus on each page and just breathe in the sights and roll the words over the taste buds of my mind. I just cannot get over how beautiful it is. Savor this example: “Tree-trimmed, brick-cobbled streets… wide, uncomplicated beaches… and daddies cooking dinner while whistling.” Now combine that with crisp, color-filled images, and you catch a breath of joy."



"I went directly to buy several for people on my gift list!

I hope that Kathy puts out similar books for the other three seasons: spring, fall, and winter. The perfect book for anyone who loves words or pictures or who needs cheering up. Birthday or Christmas gift, anyone?" -Ashley Tetzlaff

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