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...A heartwarming  family story  







"Mister B could care less about being politically correct."   +++

The #1 Best Selling, Pinnacle Award Recipient.


Mister B's jaunty calculating rhythm offers timely subject matter. With middle-age couched between quirky days and minutes of kindness, MISTER B's confessions roll from the earliest days of aerospace engineering in Alabama through World War II and the Cold War secrecy.


So, how will life unfold when a chauffeur-cook decides to move into the home of this self-centered, 98-Year-Old Rocket Scientist... will she really lend aid?

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"Mister B's memoirs bring a hidden aerospace centurion to light."



If you like Nevil Shute' in No Highway in the Sky, and Jimmy Stewart's depiction of "Mr. Honey", if you like a feel-good, tender-hearted love story, you will love the story of Mister B.  

A physicist born the son of Polish immigrants in Rhode Island, Mister B's memoirs capture the essence of the Greatest Generation.


Whether you are a scientist or someone who likes

Bill Engvall and Jim Gaffigan jokes, you'll simply

love Mister B’s wry interactions with in-laws.




Born in 1916, to a Polish-speaking mother, Joseph Byk begins his early schooling in rope-tied-baggy-pants and turned-up cuffs. He is every teachers’ dreaded student.


Ending his senior year, a high school counselor helps him make up his deficiencies in mathematics. Why?



The lost boy aspires to design vehicles that defy gravity. Mister B eventually helps design the space shuttle Gemini, the first moon landing gear for Apollo and the beginnings of Google Earth.


Mister B: Living with a 98-Year-Old Rocket Scientist is the recipient of the 2016 Pinnacle Achievement Award for BEST MEMOIR.




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who also like the audio books of

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The Five People You Meet in Heaven,

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if you like the Starfish Throwers,

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You are practically kissing Mister B!