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An exquisite purse-sized boutique paperback journal, duplex cover, offers 365 verses to consider in your life. Write your own story!


See God's amazing agenda unfold. During this spiritual journey, a reader creates a real-time journal of intimacy with God. Leave a 365-day legacy. One question and one verse per day from Genesis to Revelation.


Want the picture of a higher purpose to emerge in your life?


Use this fit-in-your-hand personal square diary to understand your life events. My Step Journal is a way to set your own activities, like jewels placed, in God's design.
The personal square journal offers an opportunity to write your own notes and story of life.


Diane Andrews is someone who has overcome severe learning disabilities to write this supburb 365 Day Step Journal. Already an accomplished speaker around the world, she offers a dynamic, interactive book for use in a private experience or to leave as a legacy to your loved ones.


My Step Journal is a life application journey, a way for busy people and those who don't know their way around scripture to read one verse per day, 365 Bible verses a year, and to meditate on them. You can now evaluate your life by deeper meditation on verses from Genesis to Revelation, by seeing God's loving and amazing agenda.  
Chronicle the mysteries of God's word as the Holy Spirit leads you, protects, guides, and lends insight into the activities of your life. With a verse-per-day for an individual's spiritual journey, a reader meditates on 365 verses in a given year and creates a real-time journal of intimacy with God.  


6.5" x 6.5" gift edition square

My Step Journal: 365 Days Into Intimacy with God (hard cover)

SKU: 9780997162585
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