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If the human impulse to create is a reflection of the Creator's image shaped in us, then why does a sense of value seem elusive? Maybe it’s because creatives don’t quite understand our origin. This book doesn't just tickle your fancy; It may, in fact, change the trajecctory of a creative's life!


You might know, the best parties and mind-bending games don’t just happen. A successful shivoo takes a lot of strategy, some heart, a list of resources, and a guest list. But, isn’t creativity anyone’s best guess? Shots in the dark? Come on! Are there actual rules to this game?


It is easy enough to get lost in the winding, bumpy, intersecting paths of life without having the benefit of a central axis, but giving the divine axis to a creative is particularly important. We need that hub upon which to spin our wheels because we have voices that are apt to be used in public. 


Then, who do we mimic? Who are our mentors? Does a hub for creativity even exist?


Sublimely depicted, BARTNICK builds a biblical theology for human creativity from traditional cornerstones. The chapters of this book empower creatives who are often left out of the theological discussion. This is a party and a prayer for the creatives in town!


When you understand the rules to a game set placed on a table before you, you'll begin to step into the strategy with the playing pieces.   


In this game, there can be many winners because each person is being summoned up an individual path. Nevertheless, the stakes are high.


Welcome to the Shivoo! Creatives Mimicking the Creator

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